Pune is recognised for its rich history, educational institutions, and IT sector. And now its real estate has come of age, positioning it among India’s most affordable emerging real estate markets.  

Pune’s diverse real estate attracts investors with prospects of long-term capital gains. However, like every market, Pune’s real estate is also divided and clustered into several domains.

That said, residential properties are a major investment destination in Pune, with several top developers like VTP Realty, Lodha Group, Kohinoor Group, and Puranik Builders Ltd coming up with flagship projects like Flamante and Puraniks Abitante Fiore.

That said, residential properties are a major investment destination in Pune, with several top developers like VTP Realty, Lodha Group, Kohinoor Group, and Puranik Builders Ltd coming up with flagship projects likeVTP Flamante and Puraniks Abitante Fiore. 

Today, we will explore long-term capital gains for residential properties in Pune.

What exactly is long-term capital gain?

Long-term capital gains in real estate is a reference to the profit an investor makes through sale of the property after holding it for a certain period of time. These are generally long-term investments ranging more than five years. Pune’s dynamism in the realty market has attracted investors who look for opportunities to benefit from such gains.

 The reason for this is Pune’s scope for further expansion and development. Developing regions have more capital appreciation potential as compared to already-developed locations like Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurugram and others. 

Why is Pune a great real estate destination 

Major factors that make Pune a great real estate investment destination are location, growth opportunity, infrastructure, and quality of living. 

Let’s get a detailed overview of each of them. 

Pune: Location Advantage:

Pune is a diverse market that offers a unique advantage. Investing in developing areas close to micro markets like Kharadi, Hinjewadi, and Wakad is a good choice for their year-round demand, especially for rentals since they are close to IT hubs and major educational institutions. 

Besides, areas close to schools, colleges, hospitals, and major markets in Pune are also a great choice. It is here that projects like Puraniks Abitante Fiore are a sound choice for affordable housing and investors alike. 

Economic Growth and Job Opportunities:

As said earlier, Pune’s economy is largely diversified. IT, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and education are the major contributors. These industries offer employment opportunities to young professionals, and the influx of jobs is year-round. 

Therefore, investments in 2&3 BHK apartments from a monthly rentals perspective is a good choice, besides the long-term capital gain upon sale of the property. 

Infrastructure Development:

The city’s commitment to infrastructure development, including metro expansions, improved road networks, and amenities, enhances the overall appeal of certain neighbourhoods. Investors can strategically target areas undergoing positive changes for potential long-term gains.

Quality of Life:

Pune’s reputation as an educational and cultural hub attracts students and professionals alike. Properties near reputed educational institutions and cultural centres often experience sustained demand. This is an important aspect as Pune is also one of India’s most livable cities for several years. The quality of life one gets here is a bonus that attracts migrations from young adults who make their homes in Pune. 

Investing in Pune’s Residential Properties 

If you are an investor who wants to make a real estate investment in Pune, there are many options to start with. 

Here are some of the best areas of investments that you can consider along with top developments in those areas:

  • Hinjewadi: A popular IT hub that hosts more than a lakh working professionals, Consider checking properties like Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Prisma, VTP Bellissimo and Godrej Woodsville. 
  • Kharadi: Another key employment hub in Pune where investments can bring stable monthly rentals. There are many top developers like VTP Realty, Godrej, and Lodha Group who are present in this area with under construction and newly launched projects. 
  • Bavdhan: A suburb in eastern Pune known for educational institutes where properties like Puraniks Abitante Fiore are available. It is a good choice for those looking for 2 BHK apartments from a top builder at an affordable price. 


Pune’s real estate market presents many opportunities for investors who want long-term capital gains through investing in residential property. Choosing the best location and staying updated with major developments are important aspects. Besides understanding the market, investors can unlock the wealth potential that is hidden in Pune’s dynamic real estate landscape. As the city continues to grow, so do the possibilities for those who approach residential property investment with a foresighted perspective.